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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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ready to share publicly. >> i say sadly if you have to have something wrong with the nervous service this is one -- system this is one of the best things to say. >> reporter: she says patients diagnosed with parkinson's disease may feel -- >> a tremor. stiffness. facial expressions. >> reporter: she can't comment specifically on robin williams she added early stage patients have non-motor sign symptoms. >> it is not a death sentence. >> reporter: robin williams' wife said it is our hope in the wake of his passing others will find the streak seek the care -- strength to seek the care and support they need. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2
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news. michael j. fox tweeted this out this afternoon, stunned to learn robin had pd. sure his support for our foundation pre-dated his diagnose. wish him peace. twitter is vowing to take online abuse more seriously after robin williams' daughter was abused. twitter says it is in the process of evaluating on how to improve policies to handle situations like this one. we have more memories on and you can find resources about parkinson's disease all of that information look for it at the top of the home page. protests growing all around the country over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager in missouri. this is a live picture you are looking at right now of a
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protest through the streets of new york city. hundreds walking down the streets there, many as you see with their hands in the air. in ferguson, missouri the highway patrol took over security in that city where a police officer shot and killed michael brown on saturday. as you can see protesters have taken to the streets for the fifth straight night in st. louis. they began gathering hours ago. leaders are asking for people to stay calm. >> our moment of silence is going to start now. >> in san francisco 100 people gathered for a moment of silence at civic center plaza. they said they wanted to stand against the shooting in ferguson, missouri but for all acts of excessive police force. the event was part of a national moment of silence to honor victims of police brutality. 90 other cities took part.
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president obama showed concern and called for peace in ferguson, missouri. he urged them to take a step back and think about their actions. >> there is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or luting. there is also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests. >> there have been several complaints of excessive force by police during the protests. some officers are accused of bullying and arresting journalists. investigators say they have now interviewed key witnesses to the shooting including one who was with michael brown when the officer shot him. >> hands up. beginning to tell the officer he was unarmed and tell him to stop shooting. at that time the officer fired several more shots and he hit the ground and died. >> for safety reasons the
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police department is refusing to releases the name of the officer who -- release the name of the officer who shot and killed marlon byrd. anonymous released a name who -- michael brown. nams release a name -- anonymous release a name who they believe is the officer. ktvu's paul chambers is speaking with police in oakland and keeping an eye on a vigil. we will go to him in the next half hour. new information involving a shooting we reported at noon. a woman has now died after she was shot by police in san jose. the shooting happened this morning blear blossom hill road and there are questions about what she was holding when she was shot and killed. ktvu's ann rubin is at the scene with more on how all of this started. >> reporter: the woman was threatening to kill her family and claimed to be armed. now, though, police are unsure if she had anyone in the home with her and whether the item
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she was carrying was a gun at all. >> reporter: when police arrived on scene they knew a woman was inside this home and carrying a machine gun. >> someone with an uzi threatening to kill family members. dangerous situation for our officers. >> witnesses watched as officers surrounded the home and negotiate uted tried to get the woman out of -- negotiated and tried to get the woman out of the house. witnesses say the woman did come out. carrying something in each hand. they say officers asked her four times to drop the weapons. one landed on the ground. the second they say she pointed at police. officers were forced to shoot. >> i heard a loud bang and i looked out and saw police officers running across the street with weapons in their hands. >> i saw the woman on the ground.
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the officer assisting her. >> he was over the top of her. >> the officer's attempts to save the woman was unsuccessful. the homicide unit has taken over the investigation and determined what kind of weapon she was holding. officers are looking into reports that mental illness might have been a factor. >> our officers were on scene, if there was a potential for any time of mental health issues we had officers on scene to deal with the situation. >> reporter: investigators are not sure why negotiations broke down and haven't been able to confirm if anyone else was in the home. the officers have been taken down a the station to be debriefed. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments tonight in the case of a former teacher on trial for molesting students. joseph martin faces 100 counts
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but today he was acquitted on three students. the jury dead locked on 11 other students. the verdict comes on the fifth day of deliberations. ktvu's christien kafton has been in the courtroom and joins us now with the latest. >> the verdicts came in in the last hour. the jury found him not guilty on 11 charges but dead locked on other charges. we talked with his attorney immediately after the verdicts and he said it was as if his client dodged 150 bullets. this is the biggest false allegation case. >> reporter: he was on trial accused oby 14 -- by 14 students of inappropriately touching him. they said he was an affectional teacher. the jury found martin not
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guilty on 21 charges he still faces 11 accusers and his wife is standing by his side. she said they are prepared to defend themselves again if the district attorney decides to prosecute based on the accusation from the other boys. >> if the district attorney ops to retry on the 11 remaining accusers we are prepared to go to another trial. we are prepared to do whatever it takes to fight. he is innocent and we will keep fighting till his name is cleared. >> reporter: the judge set the next court date for september 8. we will know at that time if he is facing charges. in the mean time he is still in jail. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a church in san francisco. firefighters battled the fire from the roof just a short time ago. it started in the attic of the
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church near 20th around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. a pastor gave us this smart phone video. a construction crew was working on the roof when the fire broke out. everyone made it down safely. firefighters are now cleaning up and surveying the damage. [ silence ] continuing coverage now on the final event at candlestick park. news chopper 2 is over the stick and you can see everything is ready for tonight's concert. paul mccartney will take the stage at 8:00 p.m. tonight and some fans are already showing up because this is it for capped cand -- candlestick park. ktvu's rob roth is there and
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has more. >> reporter: cars streamed into the parking lot hours before show time. [ music playing ] for many paul mccartney has been part of the sound track to their lives. she drove up from los angeles. >> beetles forever. and to see paul close candlestick park is just amazing. >> the last live concert the beetles performed was at candlestick park in 1966. they allowed tv cameras into see the stage paul mccartney will be commanding tonight. the stage was moved back 4 feet, that added 200 seats on the side of the stage. they went on sale this morning. they were adjusting lights, sound equipment and checking the video screens.
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this man operates the stage camera during paul mccartney's performances. >> i expect to tear up a bit. [ laughter ] >> right now it is amazing sitting here on the field where so much history happened. just really cool. the promoter says this is one of the biggest productions he has seen. it will feature surprises from paul mccartney. >> today he is gearing a few songs especially for this particular show. >> the gates are just now opening. some people are lining up to go in but there is still a long way to go. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and on you can look back at the history of candlestick park. we have great old pictures that will probably bring back a lot of memories and you can find the shots under hot topics. forced to pay for a ticket you didn't get. mistakes leaving drivers on the
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hook for hundreds. and how you can avoid the same fate. >> also a mix of sun, clouds and rising temperatures. i am tracking what you can expect in your neighborhood this weekend. >> and next how a quick thinking 9-year-old saved her family from a house fire. >> my dad tried to go down stairs but there was too much smoke. >> the life saving lesson she learned at school. bulldog: if you're like me, you've been working like a dog all year.
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. a family trapped by folk manage -- smoke manages to escape the fire. that girl showed tremendous courage. ktvu's katy eustis talked with the hero who stayed calm in a scary situation. >> reporter: firefighters train
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for hours upon hours but apparently the 9-year-old has too. she reads firefighter books and -- >> at school they show me. >> reporter: she put her knowledge to work when a fire in her home trapped six people upstairs. >> it burns your eyes. >> the alarm sounded at the house but the adults didn't react. >> i was thinking -- [ indiscernible ] >> we didn't pay attention. kept sleeping. >> i got a towel and wet it. my dad tried to go down stairs but there was too much smoke so we climbed out of the window. >> smell smoke. >> reporter: the neighbor watched as the construction crew rushed to help the family. >> they gave us a ladder.
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the amount of stuff inside the home hinders their efforts. if you look at the garage it is jam packed. it slowed the response for firefighters to get into the house and was fuel to the fire. the family cannot go back inside the home but she will return to school as a neighborhood hero. >> amazing. amazing. because if it wasn't for her it would have been worse. >> reporter: katy eustis, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san francisco still searching for clues in the deadly beating of bryan higgins. he was found badly beaten last weekend. he was initially taken to san francisco general hospital as a john dough but his family was evenchially located and yesterday they had -- venchially located and yesterday they had to make the
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decision to take him off life support. . search crews looking for two sisters abducted in new york. investigators say they are following numerous leads in the disappearance of the 7-year-old and the 12-year-old. investigators say last night the two girls went to wait on a customer at the family's stand. witnesses saw a passenger of a white car but something -- [ indiscernible ] >> when the vehicle drove off the children were gone. an alert has been issued. the dictionary added new words. they will go into the online database that tracks modern words but not into the dictionary. hot mess is a person or thing
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that is unsuccessful or disordered. and yolo, you only live once. we posted the full list on i had to ask our producer, do people really say that -- oh, yeah. i use that all the time. >> we could use that to describe our chief meteorologist bill martin. [ laughter ] >> good one. >> which producer? >> caroline. [ talking at the same time ] >> hot mess all the time. that is what i am. [ laughter ] outside today it was warmer. not much. almost the same deal today as yesterday. and tomorrow is the same. i told you, i said this will be a repetitive pattern. temperatures today were on the warm side inland. here is the low-pressure system right here. see it spinning? it is pulling all the moisture off to the north and east. the surface low or fog right here, all along the coast.
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fog throughout san francisco right now. closer. a lot of friends and family who live in the avenues. richmond, sunset. it is foggy out there. funny, if you are in livermore you have shorts and a t-shirt going. richmond, you have a jacket on. even san francisco downtown. foggy and cool. you expect that. it is what they will get all weekend that coast and on the peninsula. temperatures right now, 89 antioch. 87 fairfield. similar to last night. a degree or two warmer. foggy along the coast. also why it is warm inland and cool at the coast. few days ago we had a deep marine layer. everybody was cool. but now the fog is restricted to the coast. 60 miles per hour winds at the san francisco airport. fog increases tomorrow and breezy inland. inversion set up. air through the gap and it will keep temperatures over night in
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the 50s. and it will set us up with a pattern, it will be warmer into the weekend. but not -- when i say warmer, 89, 90, 88. 89. something like that. warm inland. cool coast into the bay area weekend. no big changes. told you. 83 napa. the forecast highs with good air quality, i like this better, fire danger has taken -- always high, drought year, biggest in recorded california history but this pattern helps firefighters. again i don't think we did a story on fire today. you know how it is. it is not happening. this pattern makes a big difference. the weekend looks nice. just not warm. >> i am cool with that.
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thank you. 2 investigates parking tickets going to the wrong people. how mistakes are leading to some people ending up in collections for a citation that wasn't even theirs. >> they thought it would tip over. a ferry struck by a large wave. before we get to that, these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m -- julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. how your commute could be effected and how engineers could retire any day now. >> the cycle of vandalism and repairs at a park and why it is so difficult to stop the culprit. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: when you see this truck, female announcer: it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight
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frightening moments for 42
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passengers heading to bostonoon per fe-- boston on a ferry. waves slammed against the boat, they were so powerful they blew out the window. the glass cut the captain's hand and the water shut down the boat's computer system. three coast guard boats were able to rescue the ferry and get it back to port. san jose mayor and police chief offered congratulations today to graduates at the police radio dispatch academy. there were three graduates being honored today. they completed 500 hours of training. 16 months of work to become police dispatchers. the chief said they are accruals components to the department -- are a crucial components to the department. >> they must remain calm to effectively and efficient help those in -- efficiently help
5:26 pm
those in need, our citizens. >> the program includes formal training in the classroom with field training and a pay check and according to the san jose police twitter page they are still looking for new candidates. 2 investigates uncovers deeper problems with parking tickets issued in san francisco. >> i did go to the dmv and wasted my time and they did confirm in their records i did not own the car at that time. >> how mistakes are leading leading to the wrong person getting a ticket and sent to collections for not paying up. >> a quiet bay area city seen as many home invasions in two weeks as they do in a year. >> the tsa cracking down, how many agents have been caught stealing from bait bags.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. ktvu channel 2 news. imagine getting a notice for a car that wasn't yours? 2 investigates has uncovered officials sending collection notices to the wrong drivers and those people are then getting stuck with letters from a collection company demanding payment. ktvu's melanie woodrow is in san francisco now to explain what is going on. >> reporter: officers when they write out a ticket have to put in your license plate number, the make of your vehicle, and color, sometimes mistakes
5:31 pm
happen, despite these mistakes, collection notices like this one go out to the wrong drivers. >> parking on mission street after 2:00 a.m. could get you a ticket unless the ticket is for a car that doesn't belong to you. >> reporter: he has never been to san francisco. he lives in san diego. he didn't even know about the parking ticket till getting this collection notice. it handles collections for the san francisco transportation agency. he got a similar collection notice if a ticket on a -- notice if a ticket on a -- notice for a ticket he didn't have anymore. . >> we do make mistakes. that could include writing the license plate down wrong. >> when they occur the
5:32 pm
department of -- department of motor vehicles flags the citation. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: last year 10,090 parking citations went to collections for make mismatch. when the make is different than what records show for the license plate. -- license plate. they automatically mails a tinct went notice. -- delinquent notice. >> reporter: looks like you owe this money. >> yeah. . >> most people do call when they receive this to let us know they weren't there. there is information that is inaccurate. >> reporter: of the 10,090 citations last year, it only
5:33 pm
dismissed 3,443. that means collections collected money or attempted to on 7,000 parking citations. >> we don't have the resources to look at every citation. >> they do not review the notices before they go out. >> i think the problem is with them. >> 2 investigates discovered 33 complaints with the better business bureau. all now closed. they got out of their tickets. they hope others can do the same. >> there are too many errors occurring. >> reporter: they say they are working to revise this letter based on the concerns to make it less intameidating. burke -- intimidating. a spokesperson said they respond to all better business bureau complaints however
5:34 pm
somebody told me the company has not responded to 17 complaint. reporting live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you have a tip for 2 investigates we want to hear from you. e-mail us. an update to a story be brought you at 10:00 p.m. a man said watch this and stabbed a woman on a bus. the attack happened monday night in berkeley. another passenger is credited with trying to stop the attack. a witness told ktvu that police swarmed the area quickly and held the suspect at gun point till he surrendered. >> a scary thought that could happen and it is random. everyone needs to watch out. >> the woman suffered serious injuries but is expected to
5:35 pm
recover. he made an appearance in court today but hasn't entered a plea to charges of attempted murder. san francisco police are asking for help in solving a cold case killing from 2006. it was 8 years ago today that a 17-year-old was shot and killed. his mother says he just left their house when he saw two mens with guns. he yelled -- men with guns, he yelled telling people to run and that is when they shot him. a reward is being offered for the rest and conviction of the systems. a racer killed after an accident with three-time nascar champion tony stewart last weekend was layed to rest tonight. friends and family gathered in new york to pay respects to kevin ward, jr. many were wearing orange and black, his racing colors. he died on saturday after he spun into a wall during a race. he got out of his car and was walking on the track when he
5:36 pm
was hit by tony stewart' car. this is video moments before the car hit him. we heard this afternoon tony stewart decided he will not race this weekend. tony stewart bowed out of a race in new york last sunday. the accident that killed kevin ward, jr. is under investigation but no charges have been filed. rate increase for all pg&e customers taking effect next month. the average bill of $8 a month will go up by $3 and the average natural gas bill $49 is going up by $4.50. the higher gas bills are expected to be in next month. the higher rates for electricity go into effect in october. a spike in home invasions. police responded more in the past few weeks than they
5:37 pm
usually do in a year. we will tell you about the steps being taken to stop the crimes. >> back to school shopping is cruel for businesses. -- crucial for businesses. the numbers they expect to rack up and what is new on back to school lists this year. >> mark zuckerberg getting in on the ice bucket challenge and that is translating into big money for als. you gotta get to subway for the protein packed black forest ham and cheese. enjoy lean, sliced ham with a hint of sweetness, piled high with all your favorite veggies like green peppers and juicy tomatoes. now yours at a great price as our $3 six-inch select of august. subway. eat fresh. for the barbeque oven roasted chicken melt, now our featured footlong. with juicy chicken and monterrey cheddar, topped with tangy pickles and mmm! sweet barbecue sauce.
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. that looks cold. that is facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as part of the als ice bucket challenge. mark zuckerberg took the challenge from chris governor chris christie -- governor chris christie. since july 29 they raised $5.5 million to fight als or lou disease. mark zuckerberg also challenged his facebook colleague along with microsoft founder big gates and net flict ceo to take the challenge within the next 24 hours or donate $100. two bills that would place new regulations on ride sharing companies could be on their way
5:41 pm
to the senate. one bill requires $750,000 worth of commercial insurance from the moment the driver turns on the app. companies say the insurance is -- have opposed the new rules. the other require background checks and drug and alcohol tests. they will vote on the bills today. dozens of school children today received special gifts to help them start the school year on the right foot. >> new shoes and a new backpack and a book. >> my new red shoes held a back to school give away. the group says it is providing shoes, clothes and backpacks and school supplies to more than 6500 homeless and low income children around the bay area and care givers are grateful for the help.
5:42 pm
>> i am raising my grandchildren. whatever help i could get is important. >> we call it simple gift, remarkable results. we see how it touches families and changes children's lives. >> in addition to the new shoes and school supplies families also get old navy gift cards for uniforms. and on we have all the information you need for back to school including starting dates and times for schools across the bay area. look under the news tab. keeping your stuff safe in the i., how the tsa is using -- in the airport, how the tsa is using wait bags to keep your -- bait bags to keep your stuff safe. bulldog: you don't need to camp out
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people are gathering in oakland for a vigil in support of the people of ferguson, missouri, they have seen several nights of violent protests following had police shooting of a unarmed teenager. they are also remembering people who have been killed or injured by officers in the bay area. ktvu's paul chambers spoke with local police about the lessons being learned in missouri and he is live in oakland. >> reporter: i can tell you a peaceful vigil just broke up 20 minutes ago. this is the remaining cloud that left behind. they had a peaceful vigil for
5:46 pm
michael brown. a teen ferguson, missouri police officers shot and killed. some say there are lessons we learn from the public outcry. >> i think it is sad what we are seeing because i think there are so many things that could be avoided if there was better communication. >> reporter: rubt bullets and tear gas -- rubber bullets and tear gas in ferguson, missouri. a suburb of st. louis as day 5 of protesting the shootth death of had been -- shooting death of michael brown. it wasn't on the same scale as ferguson, missouri but a similar event in 2011. on occupy protest turned violent. the police chief says there is a lot to be learned from actions of the crowd as well as
5:47 pm
police. >> we need to look into incidents and say what can we do, hopefully ahead of the curve. >> he believes everyone has the right to protest, even if it is against police but having an open dialogue is a useful tool and a diverse police force is equally important. >> they know officers, there is some level of trust, i think that makes a big difference when something goes down. >> reporter: the start of each shift officers discuss what is going on in ferguson, missouri and use them as learning lessons. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for four people following monday's shooting at the ball. surveillance cameras captured the suspect on video. police are looking for two men and two women, 18 to 85 years
5:48 pm
old. -- 18 to 25 years old. police say the shooting happened on mondays after two men began arguing inside a shoe store. it spilled out into the parking lot and the men were shot in the leg. he is expected to be okay. new techniques to protect luggage from airport security screeners appear to be working. tsa officials have been using bait bags and security cameras to see if they are stealing from travelers. tsa sent 3500 bait bags through check points containing ipads, watches watches and julie. 10 items were stolen and those agents were fired. shaped up to bearnaises thursday. let's check -- be a nice thursday. let's check in with our chief meteorologist mill b. >> did -- bill martin. >> did you think it was warmer
5:49 pm
or cooler? >> warmer. >> did you? [ talking at the same time ] >> i said it would be warm but it was 2 degrees warmer. many of you may not have. 91 in antioch. 87 fairfield. the same around the bay. 73 oakland. 79 hayward. 78 fremont. 79 san jose. highs tomorrow about the same. no big changes. the fog back at the coast tonight. warned you, i said it will be a day to day thing. similar each day. fog at the coast. temperatures on the mild side. nothing too hot. nothing too cold. almost you are in the avenue unless you are in the avenues. -- unless you are in the avenues. break in the clouds. fog back in tonight. the difference will be, it won't push as far inland tonight, or shouldn't. a little bit of a push.
5:50 pm
less push. and that starts off tomorrow like today. warmer. in san francisco. you can see it now. this is a live camera. the picture before was foggy. frank, where is that? >> hospital curve. heading towards -- yeah. yeah. i knew that. highs tomorrow like today. lots of mid-60s along the coast. as you go into the bay and towards berkeley low 70s. pleasant weather. pfeifer danger is down. air quality is good -- fire danger is down. air quality is good. so the fog this evening will push through the gap in the bridge. we will see a good sea breeze. this low migrates off further. it has been slow getting out of here. we set up with a pattern through the weekend like today.
5:51 pm
which is like we have tomorrow. which is like saturday. similar. changes next week, though. early next week a low, a big one. not rain. well, maybe rain. i don't think so. it will cool us off. not for tomorrow. just like today. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, the subtle changes are just that, very subtle. no big changes. just fog. there is the clouds on monday and tuesday. >> what do you think the last song paul mccartney will sing? [ talking at the same time ] >> h let me think about -- let me think about it. >> okay. brandcon crawford donated blood at a red cross donation drive. he signed autographs and took pictures with other donors and
5:52 pm
helping get the word out about the need for donated blood. the red cross says the need is great and says hospitals are going through donations as quickly as they are coming in. >> yellow submarine. back to school shopping, the second behind christmas when it comes to spending. how much the average parent spends and what is in demand. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m -- julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> what happened in this house that triggered a murder trial and why the suspect says it was all an accident. plus -- >> it is jarring because it is a sacred place. >> vandals trash one of the most beautiful places, including a guarden to honor aids victims -- garden to honor aids victims. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
5:53 pm
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police say they are seeing an increase in home invasions after three in the past two weeks and that is as many as they see in a year. police say the most recent incident happened tuesday morning. two men broke into a home, held a couple at gun point and stole valuables along with bank account information. the police department says they
5:56 pm
deal with four home invasion as year and officers are taking this situation very seriously. >> we are increasing the number of detectives who are working these cases. we are allocating the necessary resources to solve these cases. >> one arrest has been made in one of the home invasions but police are still looking for four other suspects. >> back to school and that means back to stores. retailers see a huge boost in sales. $75billion are spent each year on getting students ready for class. making that back to school shopping the second biggest spending season of the year behind christmas. that is when $600 billion is spent. tonight ktvu's tom vacar looks at what is new on this year's shopping list.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: today at target parents had their lists and were checking them at least twice as the back to school shopping season swings into high gear. >> i try to follow the list. the teachers and the principal worked on what they need for the year. so i want my kids to have that. >> reporter: teachers also have to buy things since many parents can't afford this. >> like a right of passage. notebook, backpack. it is exciting. >> part of the reason on average schools now require students to bring 18 items as opposed to 14 last year. hand wipes and tissues now more in demand. some schools want plane, non-
5:58 pm
trendy supplies because all the items are divided up among the students. >> if there is somebody who wasn't able to buy the newest thing they are not feeling uncomfortable about it. >> reporter: for many people one rule applies. >> price is the most important thing. >> retailers will tell you this is more than just back to school shopping, it is like the first holiday shopping season of the year. competition is healthy and widespread. >> we do it because we want the kids to have what they need. >> walmart now offers consumers the savings catcher internet web tool. if walmart's price is more than others walmart refunds the difference. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. paul mccartney has taken to the stage at candlestick park for a sound check.
5:59 pm
now fans are filling the stadium for tonight's final farewell. a former school teacher accused of molesting students is acquitted of some of the charges. the tough deliberations for jurors and what is next for his case. >> b.a.r.t. has a aging problems with its work force. the new idea to keep the trains running into the future. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. the bay area getting ready to say good-bye to candlestick park with a concert from paul mccartney. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> news chopper 2 is over candlestick park as paul mccartney to the stage for a sound check as crowds are filling in for tonight's final farewell concert. here is a live look at highway 101 headed south out of san francisco towards candlestick
6:00 pm
park. hard to see. the traffic is moving, it is slow going but it is moving as fans make their way to the stick. we know that concert is expected to have special moments to mark the good-bye to the stadium at candlestick park. ktvu's rob roth is live at the park, talking with fans, including one man who was there 48 years ago when the beetles played at the stick. >> reporter: 49,000 people are expected here tonight. many have already arrived. the gates have now opened. we see people starting to file in. people seem excited about seeing paul mccartney and bidding farewell to candlestick park. people began arriving early. the anticipation building. >> this is a once in a life time memory. >> the beetles played their final live concert 48


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